Jewelry Care

To increase the longevity of your Galactic Alchemy Jewelry, please follow our care recommendations.

Silver and Brass jewelry can scratch, and lose it’s shine over time with wear and can be polished with a jewelry cloth. Please do not try to polish gold plated jewelry as it will remove the plating.


Fine Pieces:

Caring for your Galactic Alchemy fine pieces can be simple and easy when remembering a few things. 

Remove your jewelry during certain activities such as cleaning, swimming and exercising. Avoid letting your jewelry come into contact with harsh household cleaning products and toiletries, and place your jewelry in a safe dry place. Storing your pieces individually in soft pouches can help to avoid scuffs and scratches as well. 

 To Store All Your Jewelry:

 To care for the jewelry and refrain from tarnishing, store them in a dry area. The smallest amount of moisture in the air can lead to tarnishing, so store the jewelry in a jewelry box or pouch. You can also place an anti-tarnish strip in the jewelry box or pouch for further protection. If the jewelry comes in contact with water, perfume, sweat, or any other form of moisture, be sure to wipe and dry the piece. Another great tip is to use a protection spray that will preserve the jewelry. By following these steps, the piece will not tarnish and look forever new.